The No Nonsense Muscle Building program by Vince Delmonte is a uniquely designed program that is based on low-volume and yet, high intensity workouts. The program touts its unique ability to help older men that may have lost some testosterone levels due to age. Since muscle is developed during the healing process, this training technique would be geared towards healing time and recovery. The program also comes with a specific four week initial training prep phase to prepare users for the intensity training and heavier lifting. The program certainly delivers a no-nonsense approach to gaining muscle stating several times throughout the program that the user will have to put the time and effort to look like the pictures in his testimonials. Still, the program appears to be well liked and comes recommended from current and past users. The uniquely designed program comes with an upgradeable package that contains three 84 days vegetarian meal plans that contain a collection of plans for 2500, 3500, and 4500 calorie days. It is a very full package that helps sustain protein intake with the choice of lean soy protein. The program has been recommended for its comprehensive workout plans and diet menus. Because of the added need for protein, the soy-based menu serves as a preventative measure to avoid the harmful effects of meat based protein intake, such as high cholesterol. The No Non-Sense Muscle Building program has received many well-acclaimed reviews and continues to sell from the recommendations of body builders who have actually used the product.

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The Every Other Day Diet, by Jon Benson, takes the user on an entirely different dieting path. The diet hits hard at the emotional aspects of eating. Instead of focusing on what you eat, the diet – also known as the “EODD” looks at the emotional triggers people have at losing weight. Dieters are coached and instructed on developing an awareness and dedication, persistence, and patience during the weight loss process. The diet does train the user for the long haul goal of actually sticking to a diet to generate results. The other unique portion of the plan is that not only is the diet simple to follow, it offers customized levels that the dieter can use depending on how much they currently weigh and how much they want to lose. The package comes with a significant list of value added bonuses that are included when purchased, including an online virtual exercise demonstrator and The Radical Fat Loss Blueprint, which claims to help diets lose up to 21 pounds in 21 days. If that is not enough, package comes with ten other bonuses which really make this a very valuable offer. The package itself comes in a PDF download and 30 days of free coaching is available. The EODD comes complete with a 60-day money back guarantee.

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The Fat Burning Furnace is a comprehensive guide that takes you at whatever level you happen to be and delivers a seriously extensive program for complete weight loss and lifestyle training. The program offers a high intensity training program to shape your thinking and your body to improve your overall health. It moves from general to specific, leaving nothing out: strength training, cardio training, nutritional diet information, and lifestyle changes.

The program addresses specific principles to follow and instructions for a proper high yielding workout regimen that is ultimately results-driven. The Fat Burning Furnace focuses on the proper reps and types of sets that need to be done to see the results you want. The author provides everything from the advantages on free weights versus nautilus training to a wide spectrum of workouts, depending on your level you find yourself. The program also provides an initial series on intense workouts, but goes further and addresses a plan beyond the initial phase of training, which is important for those who are encouraged to continue the program for some time.

Taking a new direction from other weight loss programs, the Fat Burning Furnace does just that: provide a series of new steps to create a body that is always burning more fat than you are taking in, and thereby losing the weight you want continuously.

Not to be left out, the program also includes very worthy section on nutrition, as well as high calorie burning foods, that strengthens your work out, and promotes lean body mass. As any comprehensive program would, the program also provides a special section for seniors, to increase their overall health and increase their muscle mass, which is an excellent resource. Overall, it’s a very comprehensive program that deserves a serious look.

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