Struggling to lose unwanted weight can be hardest thing for anyone to accomplish. Whether you want to look your best for your high school reunion or simply get your weight under control, shedding pounds is challenging. If you have done your research, you have probably seen some pretty popular weight loss programs that all claim they are the best at helping you lose weight. But which weight loss programs really work?

Choosing the right program is certainly the first step towards your ultimate success or failure in losing the weight you want. Even more alarming, is that the wrong program can cause you to gain more weight and even be harmful to your health! Since there are new weight loss programs born every day, often based on misinformation and hype, choosing the right one can be just as challenging as losing weight itself!

Fortunately, there has been a resurgence of high quality and effective weight loss programs that have pushed out many of the “all-hype” and ineffective programs. In addition, the availability of having them online has reduced their price and the need for expensive personal trainers.

Yet figuring out the best program can be difficult and even downright discouraging. In addition, you probably want to know ahead of time which one actually works and delivers long term weight loss and fitness to look your best. We definitely did.

We decided to take a look and examine the top 10 most popular online diets and weight loss programs on the market today by using some straight forward criteria: actual weight lost, inches of fat off the waist trimmed, and ease of use.

For nearly 13 months we assessed the top dieting programs with dozens of volunteers. Certainly we were impressed overall with our findings, but settled on only one weight loss program for our highest recommendation.

Again, we reviewed the top ten weight loss programs using the following criteria:

Actual real weight lost – and not just water weight, but real fat!

Inches shed off the mid-section – did it help lose belly fat?

Ease of use – was it easy to use and did people stick with it?


The best online weight loss program for 2014 is…


The Venus Factor Program


After reviewing the top ten weight loss programs we determined the best program was The Venus Factor by John Barban.

While we were impressed with several other programs, the top spot was sealed by The Venus Factor due to its overwhelming effectiveness across a diverse group of volunteers, its easy-to-use format, and its demonstration of effective weight loss had sealed the deal with us.

The weight loss results were clear. We’re talking real fat loss, and not the initial weight loss that naturally occurs due to the loss of water. The Venus Factor actually addresses any initial weight loss by water as a negative in overall health and tries to avoid water loss.

Instead The Venus Factor takes a multi-pronged approach to losing weight by including the emotional, mental, and dietary aspects of successful weight loss. The fundamental aspects of weight loss begins with a shift and focus on a healthy lifestyle. Then it delivers a highly effective group of strategies based on your blood-type! Did you know that the secret to effective weight loss is determined on your actual blood type and the particular needs your body responds to?

In addition, The Venus Factor is filled with excellent selection of exercise regimens to help you lose weight. But keep in mind that this is a nutritional diet weight loss program and not an exercise program.

The weight loss experienced by our volunteers was certainly unquestionable! Under this program as we saw that nearly 100% of all the participants experienced modest to significant real weight loss ranging from 14 to 23 lbs. in the first 45 days. After only 60 days, our volunteers lost between 25 – 32 lbs.

We also wanted to take a look at how the program made us look in the mirror – or how many inches were lost off the waist. After all, we want to look at ourselves in the mirror and see a difference, right? In this category too we were very impressed with the results from a majority of volunteers who lost up to 2-3 inches in the first month alone. By sixty days, people lost 3-4 inches.

While weight and inches around the weight were important to lose, we also needed to insure that the program was easy to use. Our experience determined that the longer someone is able to use the program, the more success people would experience. Certainly, Venus Factor was easy to use, and none of the volunteers had left the program.

Finally, we noticed that our volunteers throughout the program had experienced increased energy and noted that they felt better and enjoyed better blood test results at their doctor’s offices, such as blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

The Venus Factor’s effectiveness in weight loss for a wide-spectrum of people delivering great results earned out top choice hands down.

The Verdict: Significant weight loss, inches lost off the waist were significant, and it is an easy-to-use weight loss program.