The Fat Burning Furnace is a comprehensive guide that takes you at whatever level you happen to be and delivers a seriously extensive program for complete weight loss and lifestyle training. The program offers a high intensity training program to shape your thinking and your body to improve your overall health. It moves from general to specific, leaving nothing out: strength training, cardio training, nutritional diet information, and lifestyle changes.

The program addresses specific principles to follow and instructions for a proper high yielding workout regimen that is ultimately results-driven. The Fat Burning Furnace focuses on the proper reps and types of sets that need to be done to see the results you want. The author provides everything from the advantages on free weights versus nautilus training to a wide spectrum of workouts, depending on your level you find yourself. The program also provides an initial series on intense workouts, but goes further and addresses a plan beyond the initial phase of training, which is important for those who are encouraged to continue the program for some time.

Taking a new direction from other weight loss programs, the Fat Burning Furnace does just that: provide a series of new steps to create a body that is always burning more fat than you are taking in, and thereby losing the weight you want continuously.

Not to be left out, the program also includes very worthy section on nutrition, as well as high calorie burning foods, that strengthens your work out, and promotes lean body mass. As any comprehensive program would, the program also provides a special section for seniors, to increase their overall health and increase their muscle mass, which is an excellent resource. Overall, it’s a very comprehensive program that deserves a serious look.

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