Jamorama has developed an effective way to learn guitar online. The uniquely developed program features well-trained guitar instructors – an element that they have based their entire business model on. The video and audio files are of extraordinary quality, which is important for an online lesson setting. The instruction is set for beginners through intermediate and advanced guitarists. Tackling intermediate and advanced guitar lessons makes this program stand out because teaching to this level of play cannot be faked or done without real quality attention. Jamorama pulls it off with detailed and understandable instruction. The lessons come with a comprehensive support system that players could utilize if they wish. Many students who purchase an online course in music instruction may be very keen on this type of support, and wouldn’t want anything less. Jamorama has capitalized on their level of quality instruction to provide this type of support to its users. This, along with sheet music and other visuals that come with the package, makes this program an industry standard. The lessons are well organized and formatted to good quality instruction. The instruction begins with well versed instructors explaining the basics, while working your way up through the scales, finger work, strumming, picking, music timing, how to read music, and how to tune your guitar. All of this comes at a very fair price.

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