The Muscle Gaining Secrets program, brought to you by Jason Ferruggia, has been well known throughout the body building industry. The reason the program has gained so much attention is that Ferruggia has argued against the current trendy muscle programs out there. For many years, Ferreggia insists, body builders have been training the wrong way, damaging their health and life expectancy. Ferruggia states that the reason you see so much muscle gain in the body building world is because of the use of steroids and supplements. The problem with the illegal and questionable use of steroids is that they have many side effects that are completely destructive to your body. Ferruggia argues that much of the results can be attained without such help. He advocates quick and intense workouts for a total of only three hours in the gym every week to obtain the same results. The program, which is easy to understand, is determined to show you how. As program, it is extremely comprehensive, starting with its flagship manual, “Muscle Gaining Secrets.” Filled with highly intensive workouts and easy instructions that cover the “7 Critical Anabolic Factors” which describes how muscle is grown. Aside from the manual, the package provides a packed nutrition guide with meal plans. You also get a lot of freebies that make the package hard to resist, including a supplement report, exercise database, a muscle building audio course, muscle building meals, and a one-month membership to a private muscle building site. The program is also guaranteed for eight full weeks.

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